Dr. Shelly E. Hamner

Dr. Shelly E. Hamner graduated Oklahoma State University in 1991. Upon graduating she worked as a relief vet in many other clinics before she opened her own clinic in September 1999. She has always had a love and passion for animals and continues to do so. She has two children Collin and Danielle. Dr. Hamner has many dogs, 3 cats, and 2 horses.

Maggie Adkins

Maggie Adkins has been at Dr.Hamner’s clinic for four years. She graduated with CASC in 2010 with her associates’ degree and is currently continuing her education online. She has one daughter name Mattie. She also has 6 horses, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and a herd of cattle. Some things that she is involved in include barrel racing, playdays, and trail riding.

Niki Wiles

Niki Wiles has been at Dr.Hamner’s clinic for 2 years. She is currently working on her tech license and plans to go on and get her veterinarian license in the future. She has 3 children Brylie, Alex, and Julie. She also owns 5 cats, 4 dogs, and 6 horses. She enjoys trail riding, playdays, and coon hunting.

Kim Leflore

Kim Leflore has worked for Dr. Hamner off and on since 2005. She loves working with animals. Sheand her husband own two chicken houses and have a herd of cattle. She has 2 kids Makenzie and Clayton.

Kristen Leatherwood

Kristen Leatherwood has been with the Heavener Animal Clinic for 5 years. She is married to Ryan Leatherwood, they have 1 son named Clay who is 2 years old. Kristen has an abundance of 4 legged critters. Before coming to work at Heavener Animal Clinic she had worked in the veterinarian field for 6 years.

Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith has been with Heavener Animal Clinic for about 2 years. She is currently enrolled in college to further her education. Mindy has 3 children: Jason 9, Chase 6, And Maci 2. She has 2 dogs at home Bullet and Philman.

Danielle Hamner

Danielle Hamner is the daughter of Dr. Shelly Hamner. She has worked at The Heavener Animal Clinic for about a year however she has been terrorizing the clinic since she could walk. Danielle is currently furthering her education to be a nurse. She has 2 dogs, Infinity and Pebbles, as well as a cat named Foxy.

Ashlie Nelson

Ashlie Nelson has been with the Heavener Animal Clinic for 3 years. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. Ashlie has the biggest heart and loves each animal as her own.